Taking Care of Your Teeth With the Right Diet

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Why Do You Need Dental Care?

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When they're healthy, your teeth allow you to bite and chew your meals with ease. Unfortunately, unhealthy teeth can lead to discomfort, malnutrition, and other issues. Fortunately, you can prevent tooth problems by seeking dental care. It's important not to skip dental appointments, even if your teeth feel fine. Here are four reasons that everyone needs dental care:

1. Prevent cavities.

Dental care in the form of routine dental appointments is an important part of cavity prevention. During dental appointments, your dentist will check your teeth for signs of decay. Annual X-rays allow dentists to thoroughly examine their patient's teeth. If your dentist sees signs of decay, they can suggest treatment options. Dentists can also encourage patients to make changes that will protect their oral health. Using fluoride rinses, avoiding sugar, and flossing correctly are all common patient recommendations.

2. Clean away stubborn stains and tartar.

Patients must do their part to care for their teeth at home. Brushing and flossing your teeth as often as recommended can help you avoid dental decay. However, there is no substitute for a professional dental cleaning. Patients should visit their dentist every six months to have their teeth scaled and polished. Dentists will clean away stubborn plaque and tartar, which is difficult to remove at home. Dentists use a special electric polishing device to clean teeth, which can remove stains that have accumulated.

3. Treat tooth and gum issues.

Even with excellent preventative care, you may still experience cavities, tooth infections, or gingivitis. Dentists can provide dental care services to treat these issues. Your dentist can clean and fill in cavities. They can also prescribe antibiotics and root canal therapy to treat tooth infections. Scaling and root planing procedures can help patients manage gingivitis. 

4. Receive cosmetic treatments.

Not only do your teeth help you eat, but they also allow you to smile at others. If your teeth are yellow or otherwise discolored, you may feel embarrassed. Fortunately, dentists can offer professional teeth whitening services to clean up your smile. Dentists can offer other cosmetic treatments as well. For example, dental veneers can conceal chips and cracks in teeth.

Dental care is highly personal. Each person has different oral care needs. Your dentist will work with you to meet these needs. Seeing a dentist every six months will help you maintain clean, healthy teeth that do not cause you discomfort. Contact a dentist for more information.