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3 Things You Can Do To Help Promote A Positive Dental Experience For Your Child

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Unfortunately, childhood fears of the dentist are really quite common. The good news is, you can help your child to avoid these fears and develop a positive dental experience. Read on to learn more about three of the steps you can take to help ensure your child feels good about getting the dental care they need.

1. Allow Your Child To Observe You Going To The Dentist

For better or worse, children will often mimic what they see their parents do. Establishing a good relationship with their dentist is no exception to this rule. Allowing your child to observe you having a positive interaction with your dentist can help them to feel more comfortable going to visit their own dentist. Just remember that your goal here is to encourage your child to want to receive oral care. Consequently, you will want to have them accompany you when going for a noninvasive procedure such as a basic cleaning or having a cavity filled rather than taking them with you when getting a root canal or tooth extraction since these more invasive procedures may seem a bit scary to a young child.

2. Select A Dentist That Offers A Calm And Child-Friendly Environment

The dentist's office that you choose for your child should offer a calm and supportive environment in order to help ease any fears that your child may have. A child-friendly waiting area that provides activities for the children can also be helpful in preventing anxiety. When selecting a dentist for your child, consider going into the office to schedule their first appointment rather than making this appointment over the phone. This will give you the perfect opportunity to observe the environment and the way the other children react to this environment. These observations can go a long way towards ensuring you select a dentist's office that provides a truly positive and supportive environment for your child.

3. Choose A Dentist That Is Committed To Ongoing Education

There are always new skills and techniques to be learned in the area of pediatric dentistry. If the dentist you choose for your child is not committed to constantly updating their skills, this dentist may not be well equipped to deal with any insecurities or concerns that you or your child have. In order to ensure that your child is getting the very best dental care possible, you will want to select a dentist that has demonstrated a commitment to their ongoing education.

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