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What To Do If Your Break Your Dentures

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You should never wear your dentures if they are broken. Doing so may cause a soft tissue injury if you scrape a sharp edge on your tongue or cheek lining. If you break your dentures, visit a denture clinic in your location as soon as possible so that they can be properly repaired. While you should always handle your dentures carefully, accidents do happen. If your dentures break when you drop them, here are some things you should do and some things you should avoid.

Things To Do

As soon as you drop your dentures, search for the missing pieces. In addition to looking for the actual nylon or acrylic parts of the denture, be on the lookout for the small wires or clasps that hold the appliance together. Never wear a broken denture, even if the damage is minimal.

After gathering all of the broken pieces of your denture, soak them in your cleaning solution and place them in the denture case so that you can safely transport them to your dentist's office. Many dentists and denture clinics offer same day repair services so that you can resume wearing your dental appliances as soon as possible.

Things To Avoid

Even though it may seem like a tempting idea, never use a "super" type glue or adhesive to repair your dentures. These glues are not intended for use on dental appliances because they contain chemicals and toxins that can make you sick if they are ingested. They can also cause both local and systemic allergic reactions. Additionally, if you glue your dentures back together, you may not get the broken pieces back into their proper positions.

Another reason to avoid using these types of glues to repair your dentures is that it may make it more difficult for your dental professional to repair them. You should also avoid purchasing denture repair kits because they can further damage your appliances, especially if you don't know how to use them properly. Like with gluing, the improper use of denture repair kits may make it more difficult for the dental lab personnel to effectively repair your dentures, which means you may have to get new ones made.

If you break your dentures, consider the above, and then take your appliances to your dental professional as soon as possible for repair. Dental lab professionals know how important it is to repair your dentures as quickly as possible so that you can get back to your normal routine in a short period of time.