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Seven Reasons To Choose Veneers

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If you're looking to give your smile a make-over, you might be justifiably overwhelmed by the sheer number of cosmetic dentistry options on the market today. There are traditional tools like crowns and dentures as well as more modern products like implants and veneers. Veneers are thin overlays made of medical-grade porcelain that adhere to the front of your existing teeth to give a fresh, uniform look. They are best suited to patients in good dental health with few or no gum issues who are committed to practicing good oral hygiene.

Veneers are an affordable way to solve a myriad of dental issues, from discolored teeth to gaps between your teeth. In fact, this dental option offers a large number of benefits.

Benefits of dental veneers

1. Durable. Unlike many other cosmetic dental options, veneers can last twenty years or more, if well cared for. They also stay bright and shiny, even after years of wear.

2. Versatile. Veneers are adaptable to most any smile and can help with a number of cosmetic dental problems, including chipped and broken teeth, gaps between teeth, and stained teeth.

3. Affordable. Veneers are one of the least expensive cosmetic dentistry options, much less expensive (and invasive) than dental implants.

4. Life-like. Veneers have a look that's very similar to your real teeth, so they won't stand out when you smile. And, since veneers are sculpted just for you, your smile will look completely natural.

5. Stain-resistant. Veneers are resistant to things that can stain natural teeth, such as red wine, coffee and tea, and cigarettes. Because veneers are made of non-porous porcelain, you can brush these substances right off of your new teeth.

6. Takes fewer appointments. Most veneers can be fitted in just two appointments--one to make a mold or computer model of your teeth and a second appointment to fit the veneers. This compares to the weeks of appointments, surgery, and recovery necessary for dental implants.

7. Leaves most of your natural tooth intact. Since veneers only fit over the outside of your teeth, most of your natural tooth is left intact. This helps to prevent decay and gum issues associated with crowns and dentures. In addition, your bite will remain the same when you opt for veneers.

While veneers might not be the right choice for everyone looking to brighten their smile, this dental tool is versatile, affordable and long-lasting. For more information on veneers, contact a professional like Bonnie Doon Dental Associates.