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3 Tips For Relieving Your Child's Toothache

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If your child has a toothache, follow some tips that will provide them with some pain relief. Although it is important to have your child see a dentist right away, knowing how to handle the situation will help keep your child's pain to a minimum until you can get an appointment. Below are three tips for doing this.

1. Inspect, Rinse, And Floss

Inspect the inside of your child's mouth. If a piece of food is stuck between two of their teeth, it may be causing the pain. Give your child a glass of warm water and have them swish it around in their mouth. After they spit out the water, use a piece of dental floss to dislodge the food particles. If the pain subsides quickly, the problem has been solved. However, if your child is still uncomfortable, tooth decay or an injury to their gumline may be the problem.

2. Apply A Cold Compress And Prepare Saltwater

Apply a cold compress to your child's face, directly over the area that is causing pain. This will help reduce swelling and provide temporary pain relief. Another option is to give your child a glass of warm water that has a teaspoon of salt added to it. Salt is commonly used to alleviate tooth pain. If your child rinses their mouth out with this solution, the pain will not be as strong.

If your child is real young, however, giving them saltwater is not a good idea. Your child will not be able to understand the concept of rinsing their mouth out and may accidentally swallow the saltwater. A small amount of saltwater won't harm them, but they will not like the way that it tastes.

3. Offer Soft Foods At Room Temperature

Provide your child with foods that are soft and don't require much chewing. Make sure the items that you offer are at room temperature. Cold or hot food may aggravate the tooth pain and make it worse. If your child is thirsty, give them a lukewarm drink. Encourage your child to not clench their teeth and to take small bites, using the side of their mouth that is not causing them pain.

Keeping your child comfortable and pain-free will allow them to relax and will eliminate any fear that they may have been experiencing. Reassure your child that the situation will soon be resolved. Set up an appointment with a childrens dentist in Oakville as soon as you can and the toothache will be eliminated completely.